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Environmental radioactivity measurement


MERCURE's offer is our environmental radioactivity mapping software which has specific use of datas coming from on-board gamma spectrometry systems (drone, vehicle, pedestrian, robot, submarine, etc...).

MERCURE software can be used to reconstruct a map of the absolute activity of natural radioelements (example: 40K, 238U, 232Th) and of the main artificial radioelements (example: 60Co, 137Cs, 241Am). With this software it is also possible to obtain information on the distribution in depth of radioelements in soils (up to 50 cm), thus offering the possibility of reconstructing 3-dimensional distributions of radioactivity.


Our method of advanced statistical processing of gamma spectra makes it possible to optimize the precision of the maps via in particular an automatic correction of the detection efficiency based on the Monte Carlo modeling of the system and of the measurement environment.


MERCURE software can finally be adapted to different detection systems (scintillators, semiconductors) for applications such as monitoring environmental radioactivity, radiological zoning or the search for sources (even screened sources).


Our solutions aim to be the most flexible in order to meet the expectations of our customers as closely as possible. This flexibility in our solutions allows a real adaptation of our software to the conditions of acquisition of radiological data and to the problems encountered.

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